What is the PUEC?

The Physics Unlimited Explorer Competition (PUEC) or just the Explorer Competition is a new international online physics competition run by Physics Unlimited. It is the continuation of the online portion of the Princeton University Physics Competition (PUPC). There are two assignments, each of which introduces the team to a unversity-level topic. The inaugural 2017 PUEC covered Tidal Waves and Relativistic Electrodynamics.

The Team

The team consisted of, in alphabetical order:

  • Allen Ayala
  • Dimitrios Kidonakis
  • Dorian Kidonakis
  • Blake Law
  • Noah Law

Our Solutions

The team only submitted solutions to the Relativistic Electrodynamics section. Solutions


The team sored 74/100 possible points and ranked 19th place out of 52 in the world (honorable mention). Most of the solutions got full marks, although the team did not type up all the solutions.