Overview of Meeting

We finished the powerpoint and started the problems. Winter break is next week, so you will have time to look at the problems. Try to do the first 3-4. Getting the right answer or the right approach is not important. The important thing is that you think about the concepts, even if you cannot grasp them. Try to think for about half an hour (just during one day in the entirety of the following two weeks) about the problems and forget about them until the next meeting. You may be surprised to see that everything clicks as we review. Then, I think you can confidently solve the last couple of problems.

Next Meetings

In the next meeting, we will review the concepts, go over paradoxes, and finish the problems. I will create a comprehensive review paper that will make everything clear or your money back. I expect that everyone will be comfortable with the basics of relativity, and we will finish the invariant interval, Lorentz transformations, velocity addition, and Minkowski diagrams by March 6. The last lecture will cover dynamics and energy (), and will occur on March 13. These last two lectures will be much quicker and more intense than the first three.


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